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Elaine Williams is a professional Coach who helps Female Entrepreneurs and Heart-Centered Business owners get confident on video.


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Elaine Williams has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs transform their businesses and their lives by showing people just like you how to be confident on camera and make content-rich, engaging videos that have people pull their credit cards out and ask for more.

As a speaker, coach, and comic, Elaine’s spoken in 41 states, 3 countries, and been on countless TV credits like America’s Got Talent, Saturday Night Live, HBO, ABC, NBC, FOX TV, the NY Times, Hay House Radio, and the Huffington Post. And more importantly, her clients have too

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Business, Confidence, Story and Video!

Below are common interview questions that can be used during an interview and used as a starting point for a deeper conversation.


  • Do you think it’s harder to be in business as a woman?
  • You’ve been in many worlds that were mostly men. How did you handle it?
  • Are things really changing now? Or is there still a lot of room to go?
  • What do you think about “feminism”?
  • Can you explain why it’s so hard to see the “man spin” in our culture?
  • Tell us about the studies of what happens to little girls….being called “bossy”, etc.
  • The double standard for women…is it still alive and well?
  • The competitive mother syndrome….plz describe.
  • The “ideal woman” syndrome….how it messes with our heads and fuels our self doubts.
  • What can we do to further this conversation?
  • Why is this so important? What are the stats? What’s at stake here?
  • What are the ways we can encourage our children moving forward? (and other parents)

Posititviy Show with Tanya Lacy

The Win with Heather Havenwood

Addiction, Assault, College Safety and More...

Below are common interview questions that can be used during an interview and used as a starting point for a deeper conversation.

  • How did you come to speak on this topic?
  • Why did so many women wait to come forward until now?
  • Why do you think Cosby got away with it for so long?
  • Is there a disconnect between how predators are perceived, especially in the media, vs. reality?
  • Do you agree that there are mixed messages in our culture?
  • Can you explain the “rapist myth”?
  • How can women protect better themselves against sexual assault or abuse?
  • What is bystander intervention and why is it important?
  • Do you think that this ” drugged in order to have sex happens” more than we realize?
  • How can people protect themselves?