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Meet Elaine

Elaine Williams is a professional Coach who helps Women Entrepreneurs and Heart-Centered Business owners get confident on video.


Elaine Williams has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs transform their businesses and their lives by showing people just like you how to be confident on camera and make content-rich, engaging videos that have people pull their credit cards out and ask for more. As a speaker, coach, and comic, Elaine’s spoken in 41 states, 3 countries, and been on countless TV credits like America’s Got Talent, Saturday Night Live, HBO, ABC, NBC, FOX TV, the NY Times, Hay House Radio, and the Huffington Post. And more importantly, her clients have too.

Many people think that speaking well from the stage or on camera
is just some natural talent you’re either born with - or not.

Not True.

Speaking is a skill, and with the right coach, tools and stage time, anyone can become a master storyteller who captivates, enrolls and has the audience in the palm of their hand.

From Our Clients

Elaine is a gem. Working with her has really opened my eyes to my story and how to construct it. She has helped me find my voice and confidence to use that voice even though I always felt I had to be perfect to start. She is super supportive, kind and ready to make you do the work. This is no fluff piece, you WILL make real marketable changes. I can’t thank Elaine enough for really helping me move past some of the bulls&%t in my head.

Jen Koehler

Business Operation Manager and Owner, Tap 2 Drain Plumbing

I am so thankful that you came to Dubois. You truly are a great person! Thank you for caring and keeping in touch. Most other people/speakers forget…I am inspired everyday when I think back about our talk, and then I go to work everyday, thinking how can I inspire my kids at the group home.

Crystal Vicklund

Student, Penn State

I can’t say enough great things about Elaine Williams. I knew of her amazing talents as a stand-up comedian and her skills as a relationship coach but when I asked her to moderate or facilitate two of my podcasts because I wanted to be a guest on my own show, I must admit… I didn’t know what to expect. She knocked both interviews out of the park!! Her ability to keep things relaxed, real and entertaining was phenomenal. My listeners got a real treat with Elaine Williams as my guest host.

Daniel Canfield

The Voice of Erectile Dysfunction, Host of Broken Boner Radio

Working with Elaine made my speaking and videos so smooth. THANKS, Elaine for helping me Up My Game! I love being able to get them done, with better stories than ever. Amazing skill. You’re a gift.

Dorothy Kuhn

Speaker, Author, Coach