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Confidence, Self Love and Respect

Stage Time, Stage Time, Stage Time

I’ve been reflecting on my journey as a speaker and I wanted to share my very first professional speaking gig with you. Now pay attention! Not only is this a story that speaks to your journey of a speaker, but it is also a living example of story telling - a skill...

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Begin Anywhere

Silencing that inner critic can be tough sometimes. Life is all about fresh starts and new beginnings so be kind to yourself and just start over today.

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Drop the Rock

Just drop the rock. Shake off your insecurities and whatever is keeping you bound to your situation. This is something that can be trained.

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All The Tough Stuff & Lessons From The Past

Talking About the Tough Stuff

Going away to college is a huge transition. No matter how much freedom you’ve given your teen, there’s a huge leap between living at home and moving away, living on your own.

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