America is riveted by new revelations about Bill Cosby. Most predators don’t look like predators, says Elaine Williams, a NJ assault expert and sexual abuse survivor. She’ll help your audience figure out how to know a predator and who they can trust and who they cannot.

In her columns in the Huffington Post and in her speeches at college campuses and high schools across the country, the New Jersey resident uses her comedic talents to engage audiences, and discover that the way to your heart is NOT through your stomach; and that happiness is not found in a bottle. With humor, she addresses why so many students struggle and offers solutions for breaking bad habits now before it’s too late.

She will educate and entertain your readers/listeners/viewers with humorous anecdotes and biting zingers that inform and amuse as she addresses these important issues:

  • Rape culture – You put in teen-age brains, on top of social pressure, on top of binge drinking and you’ve created a volatile combination.
  • Consent – With the explosion of social media, there is added pressure to be cool and look like your life is fun, fun, fun at all times. This environment can create easy, accessible “prey” for predators who also happen to be students.
  • Porn myth – Women are being treated violently and they are made to appear to enjoy it. That’s not true in 98 percent of women I’ve interviewed.
  • How to reduce incidences of abuse – Create safer environments for social, drinking events. Designate a sober “referee” at the parties since lines can get blurred whenever alcohol is involved.

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