Are you tired of trying to motivate your team? 

Do you constantly struggle with emotionless lackluster staff? 

Do you know that if something was different than your customer service ratings would be better?

You have tried everything to motivate and lead..

Is it time for something truly different? 


Let’s shake things up and get the real staff to shine so that everyone is happier each and every day.  

Hospitality, Customer Service and Motivation, OH MY!

Create Raving Fans Who Give Reviews that Go Viral

John and his family sat defeated in Cara’s section. It was their last night in NYC, and they’d wanted to see this particular Bway show, but had missed out getting tickets. Cara reached out to a regular who was able to get tickets for John and his family: they got to see the show and made a video about the whole experience!  Cara went above and beyond in order to serve her guests, and created raving fans for life for her restaurant. Is your staff empowered to go above and beyond for your guests?

Using Humor to Motivate Teams and create a positive culture

How to Use Humor to Motivate & Move Your Team (Even If You’re Not That Funny).”

Elaine shares professional comic’s “secrets” that anyone can use to create fun energy anywhere, and she teaches the lines that work everytime so that you can bring in humor to “Infuse the Fun!” 

This presentation is extremely useful for managers and staff in the hospitality industry because culture trumps everything else. When you demonstrate how to take your job seriously but not yourself, you set the vibe. When your staff feels acknowledged and appreciated; then they in turn, will treat their guests well, no matter what.


People will forget what you say. People will forget what you do. But people will remember how you made them feel. Communication is only 7% words; the rest is body language, tone, and delivery. We speak volumes without ever opening our mouths. Make sure that your culture matches what you want your guests to experience. What is your staff saying with their body language and energy to your guests?

Using story to train & motivate your team & Uplevel your culture

Tell a story. Make a point. Learn how to tell compelling stories that stick in your staff’s minds and hearts, so that your best trainings and practices are top of mind for them.

People resist learning and retaining information when it’s presented in a boring or “preachy” way. It’s basic human instinct to lean in and lower our resistence when we hear a captivating story. Learn how to craft and delivery stories so your staff won’t even know they’re being trained because they’ll be having so much fun.


Truth & Heart

Before I started working with Elaine, I’d never done video and didn’t even want to see myself on camera. But Elaine made it fun, helped me relax into it, and taught me basic camera skills. Because of the power of good videos I can get my message out to more people and have a greater impact.


Staff Trainer, The Jackson

Still Talking About Her

There was a night and day difference between the way our staff behaved prior to Elaine’s visit and after her training. She showed our team that it was okay to silly sometimes as long as the work got done. I’d even go as far as to say now it’s necessary to be silly. We want to keep things relaxed and our staff happy.

Jamie McFarland

HR Business Partner, Cordova Light

She’s Incredible

“Team training,” probably the two most dreadful words in our restaurant next to “you’re fired,” but somehow Elaine found a way to make training not suck. Quarterly numbers were declining and morale was low so we brought in an outsider to help. Easily one of the best decisions we’ve made since opening. She charmed both the front and back of house with ease and retooled our process. Elaine, you’re a life saver!

Charlie Herold

Owner Operator , Atlantis Bistro


Elaine Williams: Speaker, Trainer, Commedian, and Coach

With more than 30 years of experience in customer service, Elaine Williams has been a top trainer for companies such as Marriott, Hard Rock Café, Del Frisco’s Steakhouse (the highest grossing restaurant in the United States), and Miller.

Elaine is also a nationally touring standup comedian who has opened for Dane Cook, Amy Schumer, David Letterman favorite Dwayne Kennedy, and twice voted comic of the year, by Spanky.

Most recently she’s been on “America’s Got Talent”, been featured in the New York Times, and is a blogger for the Huffington Post. Other credits include “Saturday Night Live” with Jack Black, HBO’s “Lucky Louie,” Fox TV, “All My Children,” “One Life to Live,” and numerous commercials. She was voted Up and Coming Comic at the NY Underground Comedy Festival. 

If you want to know the secret to creating raving customers who become regulars for life and tell everyone they know about your business, look no further. She’s so entertaining, you won’t even realize you and your staff are learning!